There is a dead spot ie an area that isn’t affected by FF at the joystick centre which I found a little odd at first but I hardly notice it now after a months use. Even if I don’t reply to your comment, I’m still listening for votes. I read a review that they were very lightweight and bent easily.. I’ve has major problems with my controller since the start of Gamma 3. I would love to hear from someone who’s actually used it with the feedback, as that’s a fundamental part of why I wanted that setup, albeit a fairly pricey one.. A twisting joystick is functional but entirely unrealistic and it just trains bad habits that you will have to undo once you do get a set of rudder pedals. The way it is in E:

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Correction for axis 0 is broken line, precision is 3.

Logitech should update and re-release the G HOTAS : hotas

Tension is also adjustable via a wheel on the underside. The overheating problem is documented by others in the Logitech forums but is not universal. From previous threads on FFB, I think the issue was a patent troll suing joystick manufacturers? The review I quoted from earlier saying the pedals are lightweight and bendy is just not g94.

Any suggestions for me on how to proceed? I’ve forgotten my password. Birds of Prey Page 2. Posted 15 November – The pedals are not as flimsy as some will have you believe, the loigtech isn’t as deep as the CH or Saitek versions but that is my only complaint.


Logitech G () Flight Simulator | eBay

Its nice therefore that Logitech have combined the peripherals together into one simple cable to your pc.

Why can this not be set to zero, and let the application handle whether it is jitter noise or a real input from the user? Lkgitech guess you need your hand on it most of the time anyway, but I’m thinking again about FA Off mode, it would seem to be quite hard without an auto centering stick. Sign In Need an account?

Privacy Statement Terms of Service Top. I have a VKB Gunfighter now and even cam gimbals either need a good spring tension or a notch in the cam to get it to center. It’s worth mentioning that the FF dead spot around the joystick centre helps a lot in keeping the tail heavy birds flying level.

Logitech G940 (942-000011) Flight Simulator

Stick, dual engine throttle, pedals, even trim wheels, albeit on the stick rather than the throttle, where I’d probaly prefer them. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’m quite hard to please in terms of quality and realism. Imho, deadzones are more for flightsims were you don’t have to aim perfectly, like civil flightsims or when flying jets ok, in a dogfight you would probably need the cannon.

The joystick itself fits with a smaller profile in your hand, which is a good thing compared to the realistically modeled yet hard to reach buttons on the CH Products Fighterstick USB stick. I hope they tweak the software to give the option to ‘tighten up’ the FF deadzone at joystick centre although I don’t feel that this is a show stopper if they don’t.


Ta Keep the feedback coming as you’re getting the hang of them. Which for its price range is the only real force feedback option for the enthusiasts unless you are willing to lay down some heavy cash for a specialist solution. It’s external from the game, but I like it At least my particular unit was. It even comes with loitech dual lever throttle which is still quite rare on flight throttles.

The unit does take up a lot of space in the room, but having the rudder pedals makes logitecb big difference in allowing for realistic control of the plane.

Honestly I would like a ffb stick simply to remove any centering force issues around the middle. I think the G stick is far better, both in ergonomics and accuracy which is no doubt due to the use of hall sensors over pots.

You will need to ensure FG recognises all three devices, or two if throttle is just an extension of the joystick. It became very hot logiech the touch.

So about time working xml files were around for stick pedals and throttle. Logitech G Flight Simulator 5 product ratings 4.

Provides extra feedback in your flight sims.