Sign in Registration Create new password. It allows for integration in a wide range of industrial equipment as an alternative to a full module integration, and eliminates the need for full regulatory and network operator certification. The modem’s factory settings: Now i think so, i need to send to the modem this settings: This product has been discontinued.

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We have received reports from a few of our customers that the Fastrack Xtend FXT sometimes hangs after a number of days of operation. Two options to reach the modem: Its data is still reachable on our site for support purposes.

Fastrack FXT Modem – Trinity

Sign in Registration Create new password. Our full technical support staff does not monitor this forum. It does not respond to AT commands anymore and the modem must be disconnected from the power to restart it. The APN setting normally needs to fxt09 set in the modem separately using a terminal emulator and by sending AT commands, unless you embed the setting into the dial string which is not normally advised.

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This involves issuing the following command dxt009 the modem, where the server name is as specified by your provider: Obviously, if you use USB RS adaptor, than you need a driver for it and you can get it from the manufacturer of the adaptor. This option instructs Diafaan SMS Server to send a full modem reboot command to the modem whenever a problem occurs and prevents lock ups of the modem. Dear All, I dont understood exactly: It allows for integration in a wide range of industrial equipment as an alternative to a full module integration, and eliminates the need for full regulatory and network operator certification.


This is the server it logs into to gain access to network services. The use of the USB port requires installation of a USB driver, the driver that is supplied with the modem needs a Java Runtime Environment but apart from this there are no special requirements.

This product has been discontinued. The modem can be reached through the RS connector. Ask a Question Ask a Question. Serial line In this case the modem doesn’t require any driver. Please find its replacement product in Recommended products section below.

I sent all these AT commands see below to the modem via terminal and response was ok for all of them. During the test period I found no major problems, except for one issue with the USB port.

Can someone check and give me own opinion. Each time when i remove sim card from the modem and inserted it back to the modem the new IP address appeared.

You should only set a fixed address if specifically told to by your network provider, i. In addition you need to program the modem with its APN server setting. This means that this fxt0099 is not ideal for unsupervised use when you have to use the USB port.


Using the device on both the serial port and USB port proved to be very reliable. All messages sent to the same number concurrent send and receive. If you xft009 assistance from a member of our staff, please submit your question from the Ask a Question page. Just plug in the modem to the power supply, attach the external antenna and RS cable and insert the SIM card. GSM antenna, power supply, serial cable is available on the following links.


AirLink FXT009

Options Available off-the-shelf expansion cards from Sierra Wireless include: Verify modem configuration But I read manual: Time to send messages of characters, delivery confirmation enabled.

Unfortunately, the modem supports a full reboot option only when the serial port is used. The external power supply and antenna makes it suitable for use in a server room or other technical environments. Use Sierra Wireless expansion cards or develop your own.