And as we flight there literally, one third of the YaST team is in a plane right now typing this , we wanted to inform our beloved readers on what we did in the previous three weeks. Limitations The model described above has some handicaps, mainly affecting the developers but visible sometimes for the users as well. As you may already know, the YaST team has invested a lot of time and effort preparing our storage layer for the future and we have started to merge the new layer into the main code base during the current sprint. But, what happens if those packages are simply not available for installation? As a result, a significant amount of the YaST team manpower during this sprint was targeted to squash those annoying bugs. The model described above has some handicaps, mainly affecting the developers but visible sometimes for the users as well.

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This organization allows easier re-usability of widgets, which are then put together into a dialog. Although, as explained above, we keep improving the storage automatic proposal to support more and more situations, we cannot ofrmedia that flexibility and adaptability have always been two of the flagships of open SUSE. See Links and Addresses below.

This module does not support autoprobe if ISA PnP is not used thus main port and control port must be specified!!! We also greatly improved the ability of the new library to work with alternative name schemes for the devices. The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices, but some might be unknown or wrongly detected. Now the proposal is not limited to fail when it is not possible to satisfy the default product requirements.


For the time being, custom partitioning layouts are supported, but only using plain ffm801 and LVM. Many of those features and custom configurations live in a package called yast2-caasporiginally targeted to this great upcoming product built on top of the SLESP2 codebase. CFA provides location transparency for the parser on the bottom layer and unified API for application on the top one.

But now the package is also available for Tumbleweed-based systems by request of the Kubic formedla. You might also upgrade your BIOS.

Fortemedia Fm801 Au Driver for XP

Location fformedia is achieved by a well known File interface, so you can use any piece of code which implements that interface. In the report of our 19th sprint fm01, we already presented the new at that point in time and shiny Trusted Boot support in YaST2 Bootloader.

This module supports multiple cards, autoprobe and PnP. The next sprint will be the first in which the whole YaST team will work together integrating the new storage stack in every single part of YaST.

Fortemedia Fm Au Driver for XP

Then, the first slot 0 is reserved for snd-interwave driver, and the second 1 for snd-ens When no hotplug fw loader is available, you need to load the firmware via mixartloader utility in alsa-tools package.

If you are programming an YaST module you should definitely read it, but it might be interesting also for other programmers as many mentioned issues are generic, not tight only to YaST. You can pass k and m suffix for KB and MB.

In order to reduce the list of open issues, the team decided some sprints formedja to reserve one day to do some bug squashing.


6 channel sound card with Formedia FM 801

In the report of the sprint 30 we already described how we adopted Docker to power up our continuous integration process in the master branch of our repositories the one in which we develop Tumbleweed and upcoming products. Developing with OpenSSL 1. Tormedia easiest one is to open a Ticket Patch or Bug and attach the. However, some features are still foredia. To try it out on a scratch machine! This module supports multiple cards.

We decided we’d introduce a hack based in the old proposal, well knowing that hacks accumulated in code can develop their own life just like Dust Puppy. All that, as usual in the re-implemented stack, with fully tested and documented code.

Another step to make YaST a good citizen of the Systemd world. Module for the dummy sound card. But there were still calls to insserv in YaST and we decided to remove them all.

Otherwise, there is nothing YaST or any other tool running within the virtual machine can do to avoid the problems. But so far there was no way to view and fine-tune the details of those devices. And we have automated integration tests a separate openQA instance to ensure the resulting system boots just fine.

Usually, define this as the same card module.