This conversation is just gettting interesting: Filed under Hardware Tagged with diy , dso , electronics , hardware hacking , oscilloscope. The best part for me is that with the OpenHantek software, it works just fine in a Linux system, and has a nice full open source software for the control application. After resoldering them everything works. The whole design is quite easy to understand, and the most interesting thing to hack is the actual CPLD clocking to allow for a higher single shot sample rate. This sequence transform is recursive so the only other way I could think of is to use a lookup table — or maybe partial lookup tables hooked together with some logic gates.

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What distro of Linux are you using? I get a graphical display, the two channels and math functions working well.

Getting the Hantek DSO working with Linux –

So, nothing more complex than:. I measured all the power rails and everything seem s to be ok. The second is the erratic triggering. The ADCs are humming along do-2090 and refilling the 32K of ram one for each channel in this example.

A single channel rate of mss sounds very attractive. With the fxload commands pointing to the correct location for the firmware hex files.


DSO 2090 linux driver

Could someone who got it working, write down a list for each individual enhancement? But the trigger is set to fire at 1. The TriggerCounter is a downcounter set to the trigger percent of the current buffer size. Hi, any suggestions on linnux back of additional comments below — could the problem be with U20? The scope is realized with a standard 1. Let us know if you manage to give openhantek a try!

So much for bleeding edge. CH1 CH2 Supported driver options: My fork from when I posted this https: I will definitely try it out with the 75Mhz. Analog output does work, and sticking my finger on the probe produces output. When I found 1. With Linux there are two routes you can take, in theory: Probably not, depending on how hot and how long.

Email required Address never made public. There are two issues here. The third relay is used to bypass a reasonably big capacitor in series with the signal, after the main attenuators. This might be an acceptable way to have the modded scope supported by mainline sigrok. Do you know if this runs at high speed mode or has it been set to full speed by having a 1.

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Hi, Most of what you guys are talking about is over my head, but I have an that is dead. So I think the code encrypts the trigger position and the Hantek display software decrypts it.

OpenHantek | Openhantek

The question is — what would cause the calculated waveform index to be too big generally by a factor that seems fairly consistent? To be on the safe side but to increase the sample rate.

The production line might have a great day when your dso-090 mhz part was made and ended up marking a mhz part as a 60 because they had a quota to fill. The triggering is erratic.

I have a sneaky suspicion that nothing much will change. There are pitfalls all over the place. I suspect this has somehow caused the short, however, at a loss to understand how it could have happened since the relay had a protection diode across it.

Especially when it got warm, it gave me the red blinking led.