Chapters Table Of Contents Page 2 In areas of the GEEA, the available setting for the Sleep Mode to engage is between 1 and minutes, and the available setting for the Low Power Mode to engage is any 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or minutes. The power plug is the main isolation device! Open the Original Cover and use a cloth dampened with alcohol or a dilute neutral detergent to clean the underside of the Original Cover. Remove the power plug from the outlet during cleaning operations as a safety precaution. A Department ID Code of up to 8 digits can be entered. Document Processor Originals that can be used with the Document Processor Notes on acceptable documents The Document Processor automatically feeds one-sided originals one by one for scanning.

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Press to display the copystag This machine is classified as Class 1 laser product under IEC Corrective Procedure The copier is in the Low Power mode setting. Press and select On in the case where the transition to Auto Clear is to be made or Off when it is not.

The copy magnification will be displayed in the No. The Duplex Unit option is necessary. The auto rotation delivers the sets of copied documents perpendicular to each other, allowing an easy separation of each set from the others. Specifics of the required action are indicated inside the symbol.


Copystar CS | A Matter of Fax

Page Revision 1. The sections of this guide and parts copysttar the copier marked with symbols are safety warnings meant to protect the user, other individuals and surrounding objects, and ensure correct and safe usage of the copier.

Copy Status Outputs the content of the Default Settings. Copying can be begun. Input the Department ID Code to be deleted using the numeric keys.

If the Duplex Unit option is installed, lift it up and remove the paper. Used to denote messages or names displayed on the operation panel.

Kyocera CopyStar CS-1635 Multifunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Network Print)

Align the original so that the left rear corner is flush against the original size indicator. Return all originals to DP. Image Quality Sets the manuscript image quality that will be selected at the time the copier is turned on. Page Document Processor option.

Copystar CS-1635 Operation Manual

The Periodic Maintenance indicator blinks on and off. When this occurs, carry out the following procedure. Chapter 1 – Name of Parts This chapter explains the names of parts. Keep it close to the copier for easy reference.


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About the International Energy Star Program International Energy Star Program has as its basic goals the promotion of efficient energy use and the reduction of the environmental pollution that accompanies copystaar consumption by promoting the manufacture and sale of products that fulfill program standards. Cannot duplex this paper size Call service.

We’ll update your product price as colystar make your selections. Selects the initial value of EcoPrint when the power is turned on.

The power plug is the main 1653 device! Safety Instructions Regarding the Disconnection of Power Europe We declare under our sole responsibility that the product to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the following specifications.

Toner Coverage Report Machine No. Chapters Table Of Contents This can be set when the Auto Sleep setting has been set to On. Page 76 System Menu Items Pulling on the power cord may break the wires and start a fire or cause an electrical shock. After the zoom percentage has been confirmed the display changes back to the No.